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Hello! So good to see you at ZipMaze Oconee Ga 30677
This website has been several years in the making from a local oconee ga resident.  The website hopes to create an online community for individuals and businesses large and small.  We hope to be your one stop shop for the majority of your online advertising needs.  The site is updated as needed and reflects many different businesses and individuals in the community. 

Menu Sytem
A unique menu system that allows for expansion into other towns.  This means more traffic for every business listed. Its a win-win solution!
Advertising System
The unique advertising system has the potential to use 4 elements.  1.Twitter feeds  2.Instagram feeds  3.Youtube or Vimeo videos  4.Custom adds - incase you are not on any web-platform currently.  And of course we are ready and optimized for: tablets, laptops, webtv, and mobilephone use!
Business Controlled
Joining the site as a business gives you access to a unique business social community! It also gives you exposure on a local and world wide level.
Cron Job Starts